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S. Korea to train hundreds of doctors to battle future epidemics

By Sangmi Cha SEOUL, July 24 (Reuters) – South Korea will add 4,000 medical students over the next 10 years to swell the number of its doctors and strengthen the response to future public health crises, government and ruling party officials say. Authorities flagged the need to train doctors for potential outbreaks of infectious disease worse than COVID-19, which is caused by the coronavirus, pointing to the risk of more frequent epidemics and 닥터스피부과 limited numbers of beds for the [...]

Emergence of Super Specialist Hospital in India And Choosing The Right One

Growth in the healthcare industry in India is evident from the increasing number of small, medium as well as large hospitals across the country. The expected rise in the size of healthcare industry by 2015 is about 100 billion dollars. Recently, there has been a rise in the number of specialist hospitals in India, and increasing popularity of medical tourism is probably one of the reasons behind this growth. As far as medical tourism is concerned, it is not [...]

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