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Bubble Tea Toppings And Add-Ons 5 Popular Types To Try

If you’ve ever seen a bubble tea store’s menu, then you’ll know that there are varieties of toppings you can order with your boba tea. Classic toppings like regular boba are available, and there are newer and exciting add-ons too. The question of which is the best boba topping is subjective. But when it comes to which is the most popular add-on, it’s entirely different. Let’s starts from here: Tapioca boba/bubble pearls Tapioca pearls are undoubtedly the most popular bubble [...]

How to Count Items and Make Pie Charts in Microsoft Excel

id=”mod_27396830″>Counting Items on an Excel Spreadsheet? Counting data entries is a topic that often puzzles users of Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets, but it’s actually not so difficult to do. It’s something we don’t tend to think about when first learning to use Excel. Our first priorities are usually setting up a spreadsheet, 007카지노 formatting it or adding up numbers and currency in the columns. But, eventually there comes a time when we don’t just want to know the total [...]

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