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fructose malabsorption and fructose intolerance – maybe caused by fruit drinks. See the conspiracy.

An article on the Gluten Free Pages site looks at how the increase in celiac disease victims could be caused by farmers over the last few hundred years purposely selecting varieties of grains that have abnormally high gluten levels. The purpose being to provide grains that will be turned into high gluten flours to assist bakers in keeping their breads and cakes together. In a similar vein, consider that people who eat too much calorie rich food are prone to [...]

Team USA athletes reveal what it's like inside the Olympic village

Olympic athletes living in Tokyo’s Olympic Village have given sports fans a candid look at life inside their home away from home, offering peeks inside their bedrooms, a rundown of the cuisine, and glimpses of how the pros have fun in their downtime.  More than 16,000 competitors from 206 countries will compete in the delayed , which officially kicks off today — and with social media more ever-present than in any Games before, athletes have been able to give the [...]

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